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About Us

Thedigitbank a family run, minority owned, internet-based company specializing in consumer related products. Founded in 2003, Thedigitbank is made up of four separate entities to date. The flagship site in the company’s lineup,, is one of the industries leaders in online jewelry retail. Other properties in the Ecommerce Innovations family include:

Thedigitbank Silver – Inspirational and Awareness Jewelry

Thedigitbank Shades- Discount Sunglasses and Accessories

NextStyles (coming soon) – A Stylish Accessories of the Month Club

Wallet Outlet – Discount and Designer Wallets

Wallpaper Nation – Wallpaper and Home Goods

Thedigitbank – Inspirational and Awareness Phone and Table Cases

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Thedigitbank draws upon the success of it’s parent company by offering unique, print designs at affordable prices. Printed and created here in the United States, Thedigitbank has everything for everyone – regardless of taste or style!

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